Susan Komen Race for the Cure 5k 10/17/2010

This past weekend a few of us from the HostDime office did the Susan Koman Race for a Cure 5k.  It was our second time doing this run at UCF.  Last year we had a great time did a casual jog/run and this year we took it a bit seriously.  Alex V and myself trained for about 6 weeks, Alex F jumped in a few weeks in.  We started off on the treadmill working on pacing and eventually did a few weeks outside at local park.  There were a total of 7,565 participants, 545 survivors and 334 race teams.

This was everyones first chipped (timed) race.  Alex F ended the race at 25:01 @ #102, my time was 27:38 @ #226, Greg was a second behind me at 27:39 @ #227 and Alex V had a 29:07 @ #347.  Not bad out of 1170 chipped runners.  Full results here.

Starting Line (I am right in the middle) Route around UCF
The team pre race The team with Chester Cheetah post race

We are looking forward to our next 5k and we plan on doing another in Dec and January.